Aspire StaffingThe fact is almost every business in the U.S. relies on staffing firms. Aspire Staffing is perfectly situated to help your company fulfill vital roles during periods of vacation, maternity leave, or large workloads. Aspire saves you the hassle of recruiting, interviewing and hiring new employees. Our services gain even more value during periods of economic uncertainty, or for companies needing to keep operating costs down while still maintaining productivity.

Partial List of The Positions We Fill

• Office Services
• Industrial Services
• Word Processors
• Clerical Support
• Customer Service
• Order Picker/Packer

• Clerk/Typist
• Assembly Workers
• Receptionist
• General Labor
• Construction Workers
• Warehouse/Inventory

• Marketing/Hospitality
• Shipping/Receiving Clerks
• General Office Help
• Fabricators/Machinists
• HR Assistant
• Welders

Employee Application

Aspire Staffing Application Your can either fill out application form or click PDF icon to print out and mail, fax or email to:
Aspire Staffing
804 North Broadway
Portland, TN 37148
Fax: 615-361-4357

Certification and Acknowledgments:

I understand that Aspire Staffing prohibits use of illegal drugs. I have agreed to provide urine, blood, hair or saliva specimen (as permitted by law) to be tested for the presence of drugs, alcohol or prescription medication taken without prescription. I understand and agree that such a test may take place prior to and/or during my employment, as a condition of assignment to certain job positions, or if there is any reasonable suspicion of any drug or alcohol use. I understand that company policy requires a drug and alcohol test after any on-job accident or injury.

I hereby authorize and give full permission to all such tests and acknowledge my understating that a positive drug test or refusal to submit to a required drug test means I will not be hired and is grounds for dismissal if I am already employed by Aspire Staffing. I agree to hold harmless, meaning I will note sue or hold responsible Aspire Staffing or its agents, clients or any clinic, individual or test product manufacturer that may conduct or provide a drug or alcohol test from any and all alleged harm of claims resulting from such a test, even if in error, and from any action taken on the basis of test results, including refusal, withdrawal or termination of a job offer or position.

I hereby authorize Aspire Staffing and their designated agents and representative to conduct a comprehensive review of my background and generate and investigative consumer report to aid in consideration of my employment or assignment application. I understand that the scope of the investigative consumer report may include, but is not limited to the following: Verification of Social Security Number, Criminal records search in any court or agency in any or all district, state or county jurisdictions, Verification of employment history, Verification of birth records, Check of motor vehicle records, including registration and traffic citations.

I further authorize any individual, company, firm, corporation or public agency (including the SSA and any law enforcement agencies) to divulge all information, verbal or written, pertaining to me and Aspire Staffing or their agents. I further authorize the complete related of any records or data pertaining to me, which the individual, company, firm, corporation or public agency may have, including information or data that may have been received from other sources. I hereby release the Social Security Administration, Aspire Staffing, and their agents, officials, representative or assigned agencies, including officers, employees or related personnel, both individually and collectively, from any and all liability for damages of whatever kind which may at any time result to me, my heirs, family or associates because of compliance with these authorization and request to release.

Certification of Information: I understand that I am applying for employment with Aspire Staffing. By signing below, I declare that the information I provide in the application process is complete, true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand and agree that any false information, omission or misrepresentation, whether discovered before or after a job offer, can result in rejection of my application or termination of my employment.

Equal Opportunity: Aspire Staffing is an Equal Employment Opportunity company. All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to gender, marital status, race, color, age, creed, religion, national origin, veteran status, disability or any statutorily protected class or characteristic.
Purpose of Application. I understand that this application form is for use in evaluating my qualifications for employment; it is not an offer or a promise of employment. A background investigation, interview, various tests and reviews may be required before any final determination of my suitability for employment is made. All employment at Aspire Staffing is “at will” and is not for any fixed time. If employed, my employment may be terminated by me or by Aspire Staffing at any time, with or without cause. I understand that approval of my application means only that I am eligible to be employed based on the needs and job openings of a staffing service customer. When suitable work becomes available, Aspire Staffing will contact me.

Drug Test and Background Investigation: I agree to submit to a drug test when requested (including a request by a staffing service customer) or as required by Aspire Staffing policy. I agree to sign any document Aspire Staffing may consider necessary to confirm my consent to drug testing and to release all parties involved in drug testing from any claim or liability arising out of the test or test results. I hereby authorize Aspire Staffing to investigate and make inquiries about my background, including criminal records, and to verify any statement I make during the application process. I will sign any document Aspire Staffing considers necessary to confirm my consent to such an investigation and to release all parties who gather or provide information from any claim or liability. Criminal convictions will not necessarily disqualify an applicant for employment with Aspire Staffing. We consider the number and nature of offense, when it occurred, present legal status and recent history, among other factors. Our clients have different policies with which we must comply. It is necessary for us to obtain the following information to determine your qualification for available job opportunities.

Release of Information: I hereby authorize Aspire Staffing to disclose information on my background and work history, including copies of this Application and any investigation or reference reports to representatives of client companies where I may be considered for employment. I hereby release Aspire Staffing and any persons, employers, companies, agencies and authorities that verify or provide information on my background from any liability for any damage whatsoever for disclosing or issuing any such information.

Assignments: I understand and agree that I may be expected to work in a variety or job assignments in various locations, as they become available, I agree to accept assignments for which I am qualified in any area where I have indicated (on this form or a Pre-Application form) a willingness to work. I specifically understand that if I fail to report for a work assignment without notifying the Aspire Staffing office where I am applying in advance, or if I fail to report to that Aspire Staffing office at the end of a completed work assignment, that I am voluntarily quitting and terminating my employment with Aspire Staffing. All assignments with Aspire Staffing require a new hire orientation, regardless if you have worked for us in the past. Failure to show up at our office for this orientation will make you ineligible for rehire. This is the same as failing to show up at a job site.

I am voluntarily signing below to acknowledge that I have read and fully understand the Certification and Acknowledgments above. I have had the opportunity to ask questions before signing, and all explanations have been in language I understand.

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